All the legal stuff


ICONaPIX will always present the client with a contract. This contract covers both the client(s) and ICONaPIX from any damages etc and must be signed on the day of the work.


With the exception of Corporate contracts, all work performed by ICONaPIX is copyrighted to us. All Photographs and DVDs are not to be reproduced without the prior approval from ICONaPIX. All reprints, enlargements, rewrites of DVDs, distribution of DVDs, must be requested and printed via ICONaPIX. All work provided to you with the exception of your actual prints for an album, are watermarked with our company logo. This logo must not be altered, removed or tampered with in any way as to hide the copyright message.

Usage of work

ICONaPIX may use any of the photographs on any of their sites. You may use any of the pictures from your shoot or wedding in any way you like as long as the watermark remains intact and visible.

Deposits / Refunds / Rainchecks

Due to issues in the past, we require a 25% deposit on all our services. This is non-refundable. We do realise that occassionaly the client cannot attend due to sickness or means outside their control, so we offer 1 mutual raincheck on studio work only as long as it is within 1 week's notice of the actual day.

Online Security

We all know that the internet is for the majority, safe. When you employ our services, we will make your photographs available in our secure area on this website. The username and password will be given to you either on the day of the shoot, or when the pictures are available. This is your password and only yours. Should you choose to give the username and password to others, then any changes or damages in your secure area are accountable to account holder.

Wedding Insurance

We've never missed a wedding yet! However, you should make every effort to ensure your wedding is protected under all circumstances with insurance.
We do not offer any wedding insurance. We will make every effort to attend your wedding on the specified date. However, should the worst happen and ICONaPIX cannot arrive, this is where Wedding Insurance helps. Make sure you are covered!


All information concerning my customers is kept strictly private and confidential. No information whatsoever will be shared with a third party.